Parenting Hacks you NEED to know about!


I know that when you become a parent, there’s a new world of problems that opens up to you. Messy meal times, trying to keeping your baby from crawling where they shouldn’t, bedtime fears, helping your toddler open and reach things.. the list goes on. Thankfully, experienced mums are using the internet to share their priceless wisdom with the rest of us less experienced mums! I’ve found some fantastic parenting hacks that will make some of these new problems disappear! If you have any of your own hacks which we haven’t mentioned here, be sure to leave them in a comment!


1. Is it on the right foot?

If you’re in a rush (a common occurrence for any busy mum), making sure your toddlers shoes are on the right feet can be confusing! A great hack for this, is to get a sticker, cutting it in half and putting each half in either shoe so that when put the shoes are side by side, the sticker matches up. Β This is a great trick for young children who need to get dressed for school too!




2. Juice-Box help

If your toddler is struggling to grasp their juice in one hand, raise the corners of the box. Your toddler can grasp the corners to hold onto it and avoid any spills!



3. Marshmallow Plug

If you’re making ice cream cones for your little one, put a marshmallow into the bottom of the cone. It will act as a plug and prevent any melted ice cream from dripping out of the end of the cone onto your lovely carpets and furniture!

ice cream


4. The Tap Tip

If you have a toddler, I’m sureΒ you’re all too familiar with having to lift them up to wash their hands under the tap. Well never fear, there’s a hack for that too! Simply cut a shampoo bottle like the image below and it should make it much easier for your little one to reach the water without your help!



5.Sneaky Treats

If you struggle with hiding your own chocolate or treats from your kids, try putting them into a vegetable bag in the fridge! Your little ones will never suspect a thing!




6. Bath-time Security

If your little one loves to try to escape the bath, this hack is for you! Aswell as keeping your little one from crawling over the edge of the bath, it also keeps their toys close, meaning no slips trying to reach them!




7. Monster Spray

If your little one is afraid of night time monsters, fashion a spray bottle into one which looks similar to below! Tell your little one that it will keep the monsters away and spray it in their room. (Fill it with water of course) This will put their minds at ease and help them to get a peaceful night’s sleep!




8. No More Drips!

Before you give your tot an ice pop or ice cream, put a bun case on the bottom of the stick. This will catch any melting drips!




9. Number Bracelet

Make a beaded bracelet for you child with your number on it! If they get lost they will have your number! Bead bracelet kits can be bought from toy stores such as Smyths.



10. Playtime Outside!

Simply cover your baby’s play pen with a fitted sheet when you want to bring them outside with you. The sheet will keep them cool and prevent bugs and mosquitos from getting at them!





If you have any of your own parenting hacks then just comment below and let us know! We’ll include them in the next Parenting -hack guide!