DIY Kids’ Christmas Decorations on a budget!


Christmas is probably the most exciting and fun time of the year for kids. But it’s also probably the most expensive time of the year for parents! Christmas decorations can be very expensive, with a few going missing from year to year! Here are my favourite DIY inexpensive Christmas decorations that you can make with your kids on a budget!


1.Toilet roll characters






These cute characters can be placed around the house on surfaces or hung from the Christmas tree! All you’ll need to do is gather some empty toilet rolls and decorate accordingly. Apply coloured card with tape or glue, and accessorise with jewels, felt, more card and markers!



2. HAND-made reindeer



The kids will really enjoy making these! Show your child how to stencil around their hand and let them do it themselves. Cut the shape out yourself. Then either paint brown, or apply coloured card to give the reindeer his fur. Accessorise with jewels, bows, pom poms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes! Finish off by punching two holes in the shape – one for a ribbon to hang the decoration on the tree. And one to place the pipe-cleaner antlers.



3. The Cork reindeer


This cute reindeer is a perfect ornament for around the house this Christmas. A few of them could make a cute table-piece. Simply use one full cork for the body, and cut up more corks for the legs and head. Make the reindeer’s face by applying googly eyes with glue, and add a red bead for his nose. Antlers can be made out of tough twine, and ears out of buttons!



4. Bottle-Cap Snow-peopleΒ 


This snow-man and snow-woman are so easy to make! Collect some bottle caps from glass bottles, and paint white. Once dry, glue together like above and use a marker to decorate. Glue a button and ribbon to make a cute scarf accessory. Then simply glue on some red ribbon so that the snow-people can be hung on the tree!



5. Christmas tree letter decorations


This could be a big hit with the kids! To make the letter Christmas tree decorations, buy some red card or other felt fabric. Draw the desired letter and cut out using a scissors. Decorate with a black marker, glitter glue, and stick some white card on the bottoms of the letter to make a Christmas hat effect. A cut-out card Christmas hat should be stuck on to the letter and a ribbon glued to the back of the letter so that it can be hung.